Thursday, January 15, 2009

To catch you up on sterling

best thing is finally happining to me!

I maybe landing a job a wells fargo as a personal banker!!
soooo if you need ta open an account come holla at cha girl hahahah !

Whoa! been a min...

Where have you been?!
number one question i've heard.... well to tel you the truth the reason i havent been on the "scene" clubs, movies, streets, myspace, blog ...MY PHONE is..I've been really really sick nothing to worry about now but i had walking namounia <--- (thinks thats how u spell it) and did know but it fu*cked me up! BUUUUUT im medicated and ready to hit the world!! running

I have a few words to my fam Though ( A07)... I hope where still cool i love you guys all individually for your own reasons and i hope my absences hasnt created to big of a gap between us im down for the cause!! lol and have always been

" I still believe I, We shall RISE!!!"


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