Thursday, January 15, 2009

To catch you up on sterling

best thing is finally happining to me!

I maybe landing a job a wells fargo as a personal banker!!
soooo if you need ta open an account come holla at cha girl hahahah !

Whoa! been a min...

Where have you been?!
number one question i've heard.... well to tel you the truth the reason i havent been on the "scene" clubs, movies, streets, myspace, blog ...MY PHONE is..I've been really really sick nothing to worry about now but i had walking namounia <--- (thinks thats how u spell it) and did know but it fu*cked me up! BUUUUUT im medicated and ready to hit the world!! running

I have a few words to my fam Though ( A07)... I hope where still cool i love you guys all individually for your own reasons and i hope my absences hasnt created to big of a gap between us im down for the cause!! lol and have always been

" I still believe I, We shall RISE!!!"


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


soooo... for thoes who have been texting me, calling, tmailing, and form of contacting me via phone.... im sad to say nite of 11/16/2008 i LOST MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!! for thoes who know me im devistated!!! i can never go with out my baby! lol

but fa real my apologize to all who have been hitting me up i know im missing something important, but i should have a moble device shortly...


Thursday, November 13, 2008

EVERY FRIDAY NITE!!! A07 Presents....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Me && Che in the hundreds PHOTOBOOTH!

Yeaaaaaa... So this day Was pretty coo got to strolll down Melrose wit the homies went to hella stores. cop some tees and what not but OOOOOFFFF course me an da twin had to get it in on a photo op! lol ( i got my sticker upside down lmfao)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BloGG Blast!

I know its been a min since i last let yall in on the scoop of my life... i've been slavin at the work place! if anyone has info on a job please feel free to hit me up im lookin for some full time 6am to 2pm shifts or somthin so i can have more time to get involved with the company ( A07)
speaking of which Some major moves are in progress this month and im sooooooo excited and desperatly waiting for! so yea.

ummmmm.. o snaps !! we got a BLACK president yall!!! the first did you vote? I did i played my part in this historical event and proud of the outcome im excited for the change we need it!

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